Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Video of the day: Sarah Bullimore at Blenheim 2013

Video of the day is Sarah Bullimore and Lilly Corinne showjumping at Blenheim CCI 3 star in 2013.

Back story:

Blenheim 2013 was memorable to me because it was the weekend the Discovery 3 Alternator burnt out and the heros at Stratstone had it repaired and back on the road in roughly 24 hours. I picked the car up on the Saturday which meant I missed the CCI cross country but headed to Blenheim on the Sunday for the CIC (still with a faint whiff of toasted alternator blowing through the air conditioning!).

I recorded the cross country and before heading home videoed a couple of rounds of show jumping in the CCI, this one and Harry Dzenis with Dromgurrihy Blue. I sent the videos to Harry and Sarah via Facebook Messenger, but as I now realise if you aren't Facebook Friends such Messages tend to go into a bit of a black hole. To celebrate Sarah telling me she had found the message over two years later yesterday I decided I would make this my video of the day today!

Bloggers bonus, Sarah and Lilly at Barbury 2014