Monday, 30 November 2015

If We Hold On Together: 4K Highlights of 2015

Here are my 4K Ultra HD highlights of 2015 to the music of Diana Ross featuring Blenheim, Burghley and the National Dressage Championships.


I'd always intended to do a best of 2015 video, and I'd more or less had decided that it would be based on this song that simply came up on the iPod shuffle one day. I like the dramatic beginning and the message in the song is one of trying and succeeding together which I always feels right for horse and rider combinations.

When I was creating my calendar for 2016 I'd used my 4K videos because the images are clear enough to take stills from and while I was creating the stills I decided I'd do a dressage eventing mix in 4K for the video.

When I came to start I loaded the music and then simply threw pieces of slow motion video at the track to see how it turned out and felt. I liken this to an artist throwing paint at the wall and is creating in the most abstract and unstructured fashion.

One of the things I soon realised was how well the distinctive drum sound matched the beat of the dressage horses in trot in half slow speed. I spotted this first with Nathalie and DHI Homerun and I then set about building the video around this happy coincidence and the vocal breaks in the music.

I always like to add some natural sound back behind the music so I used this for effect with Austin and the water near the beginning, to build the break to the finale with Emilie Chandler at the viaduct (where a bigger ooh from the crowd would have been appreciated!) and finally for Ros Canter coming out of the water to an enormous cheer from her fan club. I used the still of Ros on the cover for the video.

I used one piece of video from Blenheim with Flora Harris and Bayano as a thank you for using one of my videos on her website.

From drama at the start I used Maria and D-J heading off to the theatre of dreams; I'm also pleased with the shot of Jock and Shady Grey coming out of Discovery Valley and through the Land Rover Arch as the video builds to a finale.

Final honours go to Matt and Donald.  

The horses and riders featured are (in order of appearance):

Maria Griffin and D-J
Alice Oppenheimer and Headmore Boadicia
Emily Lochore and Hexmaleys Hayday
Michael Eilberg and Woodlander Farouche
Austin O’Connor and Morning Venture
Flora Harris and Bayano
Nathalie Kayal and DHI Homerun
Maria Griffin and D-J
Michael Jung and Fischerrocana FST
Willa Newton and Newmarket Vasco One
Alice Oppenheimer and Tantoni Sir Soccrates
Becky Moody and Carinsio
Ben Way and Galley Light
Hannah Bate and Finbury Hill
Francis Whittington and Hasty Imp
Maria Eilberg and Royal Concert
Charles Hutton and Super Blue
Emilie Chandler and Coopers Law
Jock Paget and Shady Grey
Kate Cowell and Rockefeller
Olivia Oakeley and Don Carissimo
Rosalind Canter and Allstar B
Michael Eilberg and Woodlander Farouche
Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy
Matt Frost and AMD Don Rosso II