Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Eventing Cinema: "Two of Our Friends"

My second British Eventing Eventing Cinema entry for May/June 2014 was filmed at Nunney International Horse Trials on Sunday 15th June and features the Two Star, the Intermediate and the Open Intermediate Classes.

The day before, on the 14th June, Eventing suffered two fatalities, with riders losing their lives as the result of devastating incidents at both Nunney and at Luhm├╝hlen in Germany. This is my small tribute to them.

The aim of the competition, and therefore of my video, is to capture the Spirit of Eventing. For me Sunday was a day of mixed emotions; before setting off I'd tweeted I expected it to be sombre, reflective and respectful and it proved to be all those things. To reflect the mood of the day I've deliberately messed the order up, so this isn't a comfortable dressage, show jumping, cross country schedule but I've mixed all the elements and sections up and included a couple of mishaps to give the video some edge.

Nunney Village and surroundings are well worth a visit and I hope some of the beauty of the countryside comes across in the video. As well as showcasing the event, I wanted to show the sport can be both inspirational and spectacular; but we must never under estimate the risks involved or the commitment and skill of the riders and the athleticism and trust of the horses required to take part.

Finally thank you to all the owners, horses and riders who appear in the video, along with the announcers and officials who appear either visually or aurally; and as always thank you to the fence judges who make sure I keep safe on the course.

Update 27th June

I have been advised by the Eventing Cinema competition organisers that, out of respect, they were not able to accept my entry for May/June. As they had similarly decided that my initial entry featuring Mary King and Imperial Cavalier would be difficult to promote then this left with them with no entries for the period and hence no declared winner. I am looking forward to going to Barbury however!

Pyrrhic Victory?