Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ascott Under Wychwood Horse Trials

I took a trip through the Cotswolds to West Oxfordshire on Saturday 31st May 2014 to visit Ascott Under Wychwood Horse Trials. Here is a selection of videos I recorded on the day.

Beautiful setting of Ascott Under Wychwood Horse Trials

The Horse Trials are based at the 460 acres Crown Farm to the East of the Cotswolds on a course originally design by Mike Etherington Smith. My journey to the course took me through the picturesque town of Burford which is fine but you must allow time for the ineviatable delays crossing the bridge over the River Windrush!
River Windrush Bridge in Burford
I watched the BE100 competition. The course offers a great vantage point to watch the action as it builds from the bottom of the hill eventually arriving at the cross country field where the water jump and several other testing combinations are featured. The riders then jump the "monster" to make their way back down the hill to arrive back at the start area and complete the course.

The commentary team were in fine voice and there were plenty of load speakers so I could pick up commentary all the way round. The course provided plenty of challenges but you will see one rider had time for a chat as he made his way round the course!

The loud roar you hear at one point on the main video is a Hercules aeroplane coming into land at a nearby airfield.

Dropping in?
I was on the course from about 12:30 until 15:30 and here are my four videos of the day:

The first shows some of the action and all the jumps on the BE100 Cross Country Course

The horses and riders are:

Start and Fence 1 #30 Pink Fernie and Tamarisk Leeming
Fence 1 #1 Amazing Aquitaine and Alexander Peternell
Fence 1 #82 Mr Brightside III and Anne Carter
Fence 2 # 180? Curlew Warrior and Iola Hopkinson
Fence 3 #35 Rebel Red and Beth Haywood
Fences 3 and 4 #133 Pickett Point and Claire Plant
Fence 4 #102 Lady Valtas and Tiana Coudrey
Fences 4 and 5ab #131 Tillietudlem and Lucy Ward
Fences 4 and 5ab #132 Sea Sprite and Lucie White
Fences 4, 5ab and 6 #186 Pop the Question III and Ali Wilkes
Fence 6 #227 Neptune des Ifs and Alexander Peternell
Fences 6 and 7 #183 Phoenix Bellisimo and Grace Bibby
Fence 7 #36 Orinoco Flow and Clare Johnson
Fence 7 #182 Hilldown Prophet and Michael Jackson
Fence 8 #83 Velidin and Ellie Spencer
Fences 8 and 9 #134 Kilrush Clover and Rupert Ransford
Fence 9 #37 Barrettstown Derby and David Britnell
Fence 9 #61 Emergo and Alexander Peternell (and yes it was OK!)
Fence 9 #181 Acton Blueberry and Georgie Norton
Fence 9 and into the woods #85 Framm Lea and Louise Price
Fences 10ab # 26 Blackthorne II and Michael Jackson
Fences 10ab # 178 Nordic Sirrocco and Jemima Green
Fences 11 and 12ab #287 Olympiana and Alexander Peternell
Fences 11 and 12abc #138 Ardfield Breeze and Ella Woodhead
Fences 11 and 12abc #189 Overstones Marquessa and Megan Swift
Fences 12abc #39 Brokenborough Gold and Hector Fetherstonhaugh
Fences 12abc #88 Goldsmiths Imber and Arthur Chabert
Fence 13 #27 Dunarlen and Jamie-Lee Day
Fence 13 #140 Tsego D Ayza and Kirsty Johnston
Fences 13 and 14abc #169 Little Doll and Alexander Peternell
Fences 13 and 14abc #176 Furzen Joie De Vivre and Jodie Day
Fences 14abc #190 Speculate III and Megan Swift 
Fences 14c and 15 #136 Sir Riff Raff and Sarah Billing
Woods #135 Murphy Mayhill and Francesca Swallow
Woods and Fence 15 #40 Chico I and Tasha Seely
Fence 15 #43 Beautox and Claire Mealing
Fence 15 #208 A Chance Affair and Jonty Evans (class jump!)
Fences 15 and 16 #33 Condor L2 and Charlotte Agnew
Fence 16 #51 PSH Promise Me and Michael Jackson
Fences 15, 16 and 17 #113 Cavanna and Suzanne Fendley
Fence 17 #139 Just My Luck and Francesca Moller
Fences 17 and 18 #44 Cashman B and Kerry Homer
Fence 18 and Finish #20 Fursten Jubilee and Rosie Ford
Fence 18 and Finish #41 Cavalier Approach and Quentin Hill
Fence 18 and Finish #87 Edge of Night and Louise Chamberlain
Fence 18 and Finish #192 Goodwood and Rachel Catton

As a supplement here is some specific action from the main cross country field and Fences 10ab and 14abc (the water complex). This video was recorded from about 15:00 to 15:30.

The horses and riders appearing in this video are:

#45 Hoodunit and Bruce Haskell
#129 Secret Rising and Annabelle Newland
#212 Bloxham Dece Eleven and Natascha Whitehead
#216 Cloonbrooke Boy and Harriet Smith
#218 Dexter III and Imogen White
#219 Diamond Supreme and Erica Murphy
#223 Silver Aura and Laura Dimelow
#225 Victory Time and Rebecca Stepek (see their show jumping round below)
#240 Diamond Storm III and Elaine O'Connell
#254 TCH Top Label and Janet Clarke
#258 Reenascreena Mick and Leonard Goerens
#261 Arise Cavalier and Rosie Fry
#263 Lynwood Montanna and Amy Pugh
#264 Primitive Popeye and Franky Reid-Warrilow
#269 Fernhill Star Vision and Clementine Montgomerie
#277 Bravanjo and Dickon Reader
#278 Moon Under Water and Bruce Haskell
#281 Island Boy and Jennifer Graham
#285 Wee Cherokee and Ali Wilkes

And two rounds of show jumping; firstly Rebecca Stepek and "Victory Time"

Followed by Charlotte Agnew and "Charlie Harper"

Thanks to all the horses, riders, owners, officials and announcers who appear in these videos. Well done!