Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Preview: Mitsubishi Motors Grassroots Championships

I am currently at a very wet and windy Badminton. Here is my preview of the Grassroot Championships. Hopefully video some of the action today between showers!

Update Friday:

Weather Wednesday was atrocious with wind and rain but luckily it was only showers so I was able to video both the 90 and the 100. Quality won't be the best because wind was really blowing the camera around and I only took the third grade camera out for most of the morning due to the rain. Funnily enough I walked back to the car to swap cameras and by the time I got back to where I'd been the sun was out again. So for the afternoon I took number camera out and when the showers came simply turned my back into it and covered the camera up for 15 minutes.

Lots of lovely video to process, and of course the International Cross Country to watch on TV on Saturday.

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