Saturday, 30 May 2015

For the love of Grace

This is one of those strange blogs I may never publish. I'm sitting in our holiday cottage in Laugharne and Internet security dictates I don't publish it while I'm away. So if we never get home you'll never read it. I'm sitting in a holiday cottage in Laugharne, the rain is pouring down outside in the "bible black" streets and it's two o'clock in the morning. This is Graces's first night away from Hillside House and I'm afraid we've had crying presumably because she's woken up in a strange place and wondered where we are. We've both been down and given her a cuddle and now she's back in her crate asleep with the light on and me sitting nearby.

Assuming we can get through to the morning then I think tomorrow will be about getting her back into her routine, lots of walkies to try and tire her out (although as a 1 year old pointer she has the upper hand there against her geriatric handlers!) and less time in her cage in the car.

02:00 and wide awake!
Yesterday she travelled well, wasn't distressed by the journey, had two good walks around the town and an excellent pooh outside the telephone exchange so we were very pleased with her. She watched the FA Cup Final and her last walk and went happily to bed. But then at half past midnight she woke up, cried and called and has been awake since. At first I thought ignore her she'll go to sleep but that hasn't worked. So I'm sitting here with her. Typing, listening and wondering what the predictive text will come up with next. For example you could have done that before you can do this for free and fair elections are held by my house in the world to see. Does that make sense?  A grunt and a stretch from behind me she's only on the cusp of sleep.

Ten past two; shall I put this down and try and get some sleep or are all hopes of sleep gone? Sounds like it has stopped raining at least. Clock ticks, Grace sighs, iPad predicts text, toes get colder, think I'll leave the light on and go back to bed...............

09:30 update: the return to bed was succesful and the rest of the night was largely undisturbed. Grace has been out for her first walk around Laugharne Castle and is now sleeping it off.

5th June update! So we are back in Gloucester and the blog can be issued. Our holiday has been eventful but Grace has been a delight and loved the beach and running in the sea. The holiday has not been without incident but I'll write another blog for that and publish this for now.