Monday, 5 January 2015

Vintage Eventing! Mondial Du Lion 1993

Please enjoy more vintage eventing this time from October 1993 and the beautiful setting of Lion d'Angers in France.

Action from the International Three Day Event held at Lion D'Angers in 1993. Unfortunately the official programme did not include rider numbers so I've not been able to identify all the combinations as I would have liked. Please let me know if you spot anyone you know.

The 1993 Cross Country Course
I can't remember why we took ourselves off to Lion D'Angers in 1993, I think it was part of a trip to Tours to see the tombs of the Angevin Kings there, but I remember three things quite clearly about the Horse Trials.

1) Advanced Land Rover parking for our Mark 1 Discovery

2) The pleasant surprise when the GB Team eventually won

3) It was very cold and almost dark by the time it was all finished on the final day

I hope you enjoy the film; students of French will enjoy it more as the commentary will make more sense, but I think we can all enjoy the wonderful introduction the announcer gives to Karen Dixon and Too Smart before they depart cross country.

The video starts mid way round the course, spends some time at the water complex and then makes it way round to the start/finish which is where we see Too Smart set out cross country. we then follow the course round back to where we started from at the Chateau. After the cross country action and presumably on Sunday morning we are seen climbing over Fence 4 "Les Terrasses".

The other thing that struck me was the beauty of the French fence construction, certainly something that is universal today but was probably novel at the time?

Details of Fence Design from the Programme

Show jumping features Karen Dixon, Mary Thomson and Lucinda Murray; there is also a very young Andrew Nicholson (fourth on Jagermeister) taking part in the final wild lap of honour. I've included the stallion parade? and the carriage driving display as it was all part of the spectacle on Sunday afternoon.

Cover of the 1993 Programme