Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Harveywetdog's 24 days of Christmas

Here all together in one place are my Christmas posts from Facebook for 2014.

Trying the House look?

Well not a bad ‪#‎firstdayofchristmas‬ with sunny bright weather, a ride on Jazz, keeping ‪#‎GraceGSP‬ amused and my first job completed even if it was stacking the Christmas beer securely in the shed. Let's hope it keeps dry so I can get a bit of muck shifted.

 — at Hillside House

Second day of Christmas was wet and windy. Shifted some muck and went to church to sing carols. Supported DJD4SPOTY and she finished a creditable 4th. 3rd would have been good but swinging vote went to Jo Pavey. Double glazing day on Monday & Tuesday. Will begin to feel like Christmas once last bit of work is finished.

Celebrating double glazing day 1 and ‪#‎gracegsp‬ having a double yomp around the big field (Day 3)

Fifth day On business in Morecombe
Sixth day of Christmas and well behind thanks to a unavoidable business trip on Tuesday and Wednesday. Getting back in the groove with Grace and got the lounge put back together now that the double glazers have finished.

OAP Christmas Dinner?
So the ‪#‎seventhdayofchristmas‬ and it's been Christmas dinner at the Farmer's Arms Apperley. A good time was had by all even if there was some confusion over the Yorkshire pudding? Big thank you to Judith for dropping me off and picking me up. Still struggling with my Roxio VHS to DVD software but have managed to watch some of the video on a TV. Some nice vid of J riding Pip and Oliver plus a certain Mr Kemp teaching Debbie Powell . Hopefully I'll get the software operating this weekend, Ledbury tomorrow for dinner with Susan Satchell
 — with Keri Cowles and Krupa Soni at The Farmers Arms Country Pub and Restaurant.

Illustrious Colleagues
Definitely over indulged in the last two days on both alcohol and food. Need a little break now before Christmas. Today ‪#‎eighthdayofchristmas‬ started with a school on Jazz and stables before lunch with Susan Satchell and Julian at Caffe.21 in Ledbury. Put a few more decs and lights up before settling down to the Strictly final. Really wanted Simon or FrankieTheSats to win but never mind, West Ham won today so you can't have everything. Drank nice bottle of Prosecco to celebrate.

What a super ‪#‎ninthdayofchristmas‬ after riding Jazz we went off to visit Debbie Powell where we also met Mo Begg Lovely thank you note from Cotswold RDA and Belmont School pupil for the Magic Video. Thank you! Debbie has lent me her Magix video conversion software as I've not managed to get the Roxio to work. So finished off last lot of lights and then spent all evening creating my Badminton Horse Trials 1993 video. Should be ready by the morning, Great!

The ‪#‎tenthdayofchristmas‬ has been all about buying and wrapping presents. Managed to maintain my sanity shopping in Gloucester and even managed to find some parking spaces reasonably easily. Used all the coupons and loyalty cards as instructed so all in all a successful day. Very pleased with ‪#‎EventingNation‬ retweeting my Badminton video and pushing it up to about 200 views already. I really appreciate their support.

 About ready for Christmas now I reckon. Suzie is jumping Sam this week, should be fun. (I meant Jazz!)

Whoop whoop and thank you ‪#‎Eventing_Nation‬ for making my ‪#‎EleventhdayofChristmas‬ a +500 views day! They certainly know how to pull in the followers in the USA. My day's been pretty straightforward; stables, deliver cards, fix some outside lights and chop some logs with Chain Saw and Axe. Chrissie paid us a visit and looking forward to seeing them both on Saturday, always a laugh. Just updating my ITunes Library and then think I'll do some work on my Equestrian Creative Network portfolio (it's about time I did!). Also noticed that BE have updated the Eventing Cinema web page to record my win - very proud!

So my ‪#‎twelfthdayofChristmas‬ is Christmas Eve and boy do I feel tired. Don't know why. Watched Suzie and Jazz doing some jumping, had a bit of a drama when we can't find the instruction book for the carpet cleaner and then had a great time chain sawing down an overgrown shrub in the flower bed outside the lounge. Looks like we'll be having a big bonfire!! so tomorrow is Christmas although Grace has already opened her first present from Douglas.

Grace gets used to the fire
#‎thirteenthdayofChristmas‬ has been a superb Christmas day. Lovely dry bright day and we got all the boys out, Elliott in the bark, Vincent hand grazing and Jazz a day in the field. He's very lucky compared with the other two. Watched some telly and drank some beer, Judith cooked a lovely dinner and ‪#‎gracegsp‬ had a lovely sit by the fire after her romp around the big field, We even gave the sheep a tub of nuts for a Christmas treat although they've got so much grass they don't need it. Second Christmas day for J tomorrow as she's going to spend it with B. Lots of lovely presents and really enjoyed Doctor Who - it's all a dream. But strictly what was Brucie doing out of retirement?

Ok so‪#‎14thdayofchristmas‬ started with jazz having fun lunge jumping I watched the racing while J went off to see to B and then we've had an evening of House Season 8. We've got to finish off House so we can watch Game of Thrones which I bought J this year. Hopefully ride Jazz in the morning although there is a gale blowing at the moment!

 — at Hillside House
Christmas Selfie

Combined 15th and 16th days of Christmas. Have ridden Jazz both days although this morning was very cold and lost some of the feeling in my fingers. Have cleared up one of the borders at the bottom of the patio as it was blocking the view and what we could see on the security cameras. Great visit from C&R last night much beer consumed and lovely tea cooked by J. Luckily no thick head this morning and decided to make today alcohol free to give the body chance to recover. Cleared all the timber away from the garden. Have now officially passed 315k views on You Tube and hoping to end the year at 317k. J and I have been on a Houseathon and must have watched about 12 episodes in the last couple of days. They seem to overplay the vomiting blood special effect but I did enjoy the episode about the man who was infatuated with his "love doll".

Got to concentrate on some jobs now before the dreaded return to work.......

Seventeenth day of Christmas has been lovely cold and bright. Started with some tidying up of the trees around the old pond and a bit of chain sawing to tidy up one tree that had fallen through the fence.

Chainsaw work
Then off to Gloucester to buy myself a video to DVD recorder to help me with my VCR capture. Seems to dub the tapes very well but still does not produce a wonderful result once the picture is blown up on the pc. I guess we are too use to HD televisions.

 Also watched a couple more episodes of House; getting near the end now.

#‎18thdayofChristmas‬ and another cold and bright day. Visit from the farrier to trim Elliott's feet and spent most of the day trying to get all the ivy off the old well. It sticks like S to a B! Had a break in the afternoon to ride Jazz who was a good boy. Another couple of episodes of House tonight; just the big Series Finale to go now.

Getting to grips with my VCR to DVD recorder and learning a lot about different DVD formats and video recording modes!

 Trip to Lancashire tomorrow.

Not much to say about my ‪#‎19thdayofChristmas‬ other than it was good to see my brother and his wife and I hope he gets well soon. Long day but the Land Rover Discovery 4 is the car for the job!

 Happy New Year everyone; no fireworks please it scares the horses!

Refreshment on the M6
My ‪#‎20thdayofChristmas‬ has been wet and windy so hope this isn't a taste of the weather for 2015. Main job was clearing Ivy off the old well and spent the evening completing the Houseathon. So he did a Sherlock and didn't really die, he just made sure he was available for Wilson until the end. now working our way through the bonus material.

 Very excited about my tape to DVD recorder; should be able to release the Blair 1993 video this weekend!

#‎21stdayofChristmas‬ and it's been bright and a bit windy. Most of the day spent on fence repair as was as watching Jazz being lunged in the morning and then I had a ride on him in the afternoon.

The Houseathon is complete as we've watched all the bonus material on Series 8 and then went back and watched the Pilot Episode which I obtained as part of a previous ITunes 12 days of Christmas.

 Making great progress with the Tape to DVD transfer as I've now completed Blair and Lion d'Anger from 1993. Realised for Blair we wrote down all the riders we'd videoed and at which fences. It's going to make a great video!

Wow ‪#‎22NDDayofChristmas‬ and weather has been totally miserable. However I got the fencing finished and rode Jazz although he was a bit of a twit. I think he heard hounds in the distance earlier and it got him wound up. Getting on well with my 1992 Le Lion D'Angers video although unfortunately the programme does not have competitor numbers in! Still some nice video of Karen Dixon and Too Smart and Mary Thomson and King Basil. On the other hand I've got tons of data for 1993 Blair so that will take longer.

 Abbey tomorrow with Jazz.
 — at Hillside House

70% Well done!
A successful ‪#‎23rddayofChristmas‬ with Jazz coming home with a 3rd and a 6th place rosette. Boy did I think he was going to have me off in the working in. Luckily all that energy came through in the tests. Have completed Mondial du Lion video and it is currently uploading. Tidy up day tomorrow ready for work Tuesday.

Well that's it. ‪#‎24thdayofChristmas‬ today and back to work tomorrow. Got my Mondial du Lion via published this morning and completed a few tidying up jobs. Took the Christmas lights down and packaged away and gave the sheep another bowl of nuts to make up for the fact that they were having the electric fence back on. Please that the place looks a lot tidier for my efforts although I would like to have moved more of the muck heap.

 Also published my Organisational Spirituality blog today and will now issue the combined days of Christmas blog. Final note, having survived Jazz's antics at Abbey yesterday managed to fall off the step ladder today. Think my festive Christmas pudding bobble hat saved me from banging my head. Not sure how I did it but suspect it was down to not having the steps set up correctly. Oh dear!
 — at Hillside House