Monday, 11 January 2016

Sydney Olympics 2000: Team Eventing Cross Country

Searching through some old videos the other day I came across a recording of the team cross country competition that I thought I should share with you. Unfortunately I'd videoed over the first half with Badminton 2006 but here are some highlighted rounds from the second half of the competition starting with the superb Pippa Funnell and one of my favourites Supreme Rock.

Read on for Matt Ryan, Ian Stark, Ingrid Klimke, Karen O'Connor and Vaughn Jefferis.

Here is the tussle between Matt Ryan for Australia and Ian Stark for TeamGB.

I've now added Ingrid Klimke and Karen O'Connor.

Vaughn Jefferis and Bounce.

And finally the Sydney 2000 preview from Grandstand 2 weeks earlier

Ian Stark and Jaybee
Matt Ryan and Kibah Sandstone
Ingrid Klimke and Sleep Late
Karen O'Connor and Prince Panache

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