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Harveywetdogs 18 days of Christmas

Here are the social media highlights of my 18 days of Christmas 2015 brought to you slightly later than usual due to unforeseen circumstances!! Another wet and windy Christmas, certainly not a classic Dickensian with snow and jack frost nipping at your toes; but more of Dickens later!

Day 1 Friday 18th December

The first day of Christmas is complete and has included a bit of riding Jazz in the morning, walking ‪#‎GraceGSP‬ and then works Christmas dinner at The Farmers Arms Country Pub and Restaurant in Apperley. A good time was had by all and good food and ale followed by the chance to sleep it off when I got home. You Tube views coming along nicely. Time to set out my list of jobs in the morning!


Bezzie mates with their pints!

I sat next to the boss!

Come on Dad let's go!

 Day 2

Got started with Adobe Premiere Pro and set about repairing the field shelter.

Second day of Christmas and going a bit easier on the alcohol tonight!

Voted for Jay and he won Strictly.

#GraceGSP in full flight
Day 3

Cut the grass!

Took some video of Grace in the field.

Posted on the forum and found out how to create high quality output on Premiere Pro.

Trip to B&Q  and then did a good job of repairing one of the field shelter and undertook a precautionary modification to the other one. Just managed to complete as it was getting dark and as the battery on the drill was running low.

SPOTY won by Andy Murray. Fair enough but I voted for Jessica Ennis.

Getting to grips with Adobe Premiere Pro!

Day 4

Premiere Pro experience growing and totally by surprise my Sony Remote commander arrived so a little Christmas present for myself. Went Christmas shopping in Gloucester and visited the Cathedral to see the "Knitivity"!

Remote commander

Instagram picture of trip to Gloucester

Christmas trees in Gloucester Cathedral


Day 5 22nd December

Unfortunately I had to go back in to work for an important meeting. This would have been Harvey's 13th birthday so video of the day was "He's on the Beach".

Helping a friend with their first Movie Maker project!

Day 6 23rd December

Back to work for a very important meeting. Social media strangely quiet on this day!

Day 7 24th December

Relax at last! My first real day of Christmas with no more work until 2016 Some sunshine before more rain in the afternoon delivering cards and stuff.

Hillside House panorama 

Had a great impromptu evening over the road at Woodgreen Farm playing with the Face Mats.

Instagram photo collage

Hillside House Rainbow

Having a fight!

Thought this suited me?

Motley Crew?

Day 8 Christmas Day

Judith was up early to beat the weather and ride the Vinster.

Grace opening her Christmas presents
Television wise I enjoyed Brave and Doctor Who.
Post Dinner nap
I posted this photo on twitter which makes it look like I was getting to grips with Adobe Premiere Pro.
Adobe Premiere Pro 
Day 9 26th Boxing Day

Still providing some help with Movie Maker. Starting to relax and enjoy Christmas at last. #GraceGSP enjoyed one of her Pig Ears on Twitter.

The Pig Ear carpet!
Thought it was good when Liz Kelly became the first female jockey to win a Grade 1 race.

Liz Kelly taken from Twitter
Television wise enjoyed Dickensian although recording a lot of it for later. Also enjoyed Shaun the Sheep with Le Llamas!

The Llamas under the influence of the pan pipes
Day 10 was Sunday 27th December

Finished the remake of "If We Hold on Together" in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Channel views now 524,707 which is just 300 short of my target for 2015.

I dreamt up the #watchlikeshare2016 campaign for 2016 and started work on my channel advertisement for both Instagram and You Tube.

Grace in Harvey pose
Day 11 28th December

The sneeze story published on Facebook!

Horrible but true: I don't usually FB about my nose habits, but this morning I had a serious bout of sneezing so bad that Mrs Robinson declared an outbreak of manflu and ordered me back to bed. However I thought I ought to bravely soldier on and decided to have a good blow of the nose instead and was surprised to find upon inspection (well you do don't you) a piece of hay had become lodged up there. I removed the offending item and not a sneeze since. Who would have thought it? Geniune hay fever??

Decided it was time to start on some Christmas jobs so set about clearing the fallen trees off the green reasonably successful except found that my chain saw is in need of repair. That's the chain saw and the strimmer that need a trip to Tibberton. Had a dry day to combat the excesses over Christmas.

Tree clearing

Achieved my target of 525,000 views and West Ham won!

Uploaded the re-edit of "If We hold On Together" with Adobe Premiere Pro

Day 12 29th Tuesday

Posted on Facebook at 08:10: Today's jobs. Get the tractor going and harrow the arena. Sort out the tyres on the trailer. Make an advertisement for the Youtube channel. Sort out the files I want to keep on my PC. Re-edit Farouche in 4K with a royalty free track for my final ‪#‎videooftheday‬ and to launch ‪#‎watchlikeshare2016‬.

However less successful with the jobs today. Some easy wins fixing the handle on the cupboard in the stables but one tyre on the trailer wouldn't inflate and took a while to get off the trailer so that I could stand on the rim while running the compressor and just get the tyre to seal. Good news was the tractor started.

Lots of fun voting for Persimmon in various Horse of the Year polls and posted my YouTube Advertisement.

And then finished the day watching all three episodes of "And then there were none". Best way!!

Day 13 30th Wednesday

Very Windy so stayed in working on Harveywetdog stuff.

Harrowed arena late on. Blew tractor wheels up first definitely makes steering easier!

Amazed and delighted to receive a request from American authoress Judy Gerard Thomson who only wants to use a link to my video "Tom Joad" in her forthcoming e-book about the life, death, and further lief of Giovanni Pico della Mirandolla. Of course I said YES.

Re-edited Farouche from the Nationals in 4K

Day 14 31st December New Years Eve

Up early for the last day of the year.

New Year's Eve on Instagram
Edited my run in videos for HD and 4K on Adobe Premiere Plus using the #watchlikeshare2016 hashtag as a design feature.

Suzie rode Jazz out around the lanes.

Fiddling with Snapseed on Twitter.

Gloucester Cathedral
Spooky Hillside House

New Years Eve at Bulley Farm.

New Year's Eve
Day 15 1st January New Year's Day 2016

Not up too late.

Yomp in the big field with #GraceGSP.

New Year's Day Yomp
Family tradition: tea with a drop of scotch
Day 16 2nd January

Memorable for the World Cup of Chocolate and my new Facebook cover photo.

New cover photo for Facebook
Day 17 3rd January

Got #watchlikeshare2016 off to a good start with Pippa Funnell ans Supreme Rock at Sydney 2000.

Day 18 4th January

Last day of Christmas for me and Sam celebrated being alive!

This will be my 19th year!
And to look forward in 2016......................................

Dickensian: will Tuppence get her Comeuppance?
(The actresses playing Miss Havisham is Tuppence Middleton)

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