Friday, 18 September 2015

British Dressage Nationals Stoneleigh 2015

I was delighted to be accredited to video at the LeMieux British Dressage National Dressage Championships in September. The weather was delightful and I made good use of the excellent light to make use of my 4K Sony camera. I knew Saturday was going to be difficult as I had to cover Blenheim cross country in the morning and then get to Stoneleigh for Matt Frost's Intermediate Freestyle in the afternoon.

I'm pleased to say I made it!

Michael Eilberg and Farouche are always favourites

Freestyle favourites Becky Moody and Carinsio

Here is my playlist that will take you all the way through the videos I recorded from Thursday to Saturday. Some of the later videos are uploaded in 4K quality; hopefully you'll see the difference! 

Doubling Up!

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