Sunday, 21 December 2014

Vintage Eventing! Badminton 1993

I hope you enjoy my vintage footage of Badminton 1993 set to some music from the time. The video has not copied perfectly but gets across what has changed in 20 years (and what hasn't!). Look out for some favourites!

One thing that clearly hasn't changed is the creaking noises from the roof in the grandstands. But in the video we see Luckington Lane in all its glory and two competitors taking part in Phase B (the Steeplechase). The course does not start and finish in the arena and neither does it pass through the arena.

The Lake doesn't appear as busy as it is today but the L200s are already a feature of the Lake complex. Also look out for the pegs marking the edge of the penalty zones around the fences. The Quarry is there but looks slightly more unkempt than it's modern counterpart, and the going looks wonderful everywhere, especially in the arena.

I'm not sure who the dressage rider is at the beginning, I think it is Richard Walker and Jacana, but if anyone knows better please let me know. There is a lovely section with Mark Todd warming up Just An Ace and we see them again later on jumping into the Lake. Toddy's silhouette hasn't changed and you might think you were watching him today until you see the casual fag in the cameraman's hand as he operates the camera!

The video was transferred from the original tape it was recorded on by playing back into the PC through the video camera and converting using Magix Rescue Your Video Tapes! 6. I also have Blair Castle 1993 and Lion D'Angers 1993 on the tape so we were obviously very busy that year!

1993 Course Map Showing the layout to accommodate all four phases 

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