Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mount Ballan Horse Trials

Badminton Horse Trials have come and gone and our winner has been crowned. The wind and rain of Badminton weekend have been replaced by blue skies and sunshine. Although the Badminton videos have gone down very well I still feel the need to keep my subscribers entertained with new material. As a result i visited Mount Ballan Horse Trials, near Chepstow, to record some of the action in the Novice Cross Country.
Eventing against the historic background of  Caldicot Castle

The Horse Trials are held at the David Broome Equestrian Centre and are now in their thirteenth year. The Equestrian Centre is well appointed and the course runs through the farm land surrounding the Centre, and some of the parkland attached to Caldicot Castle. The Castle forms an imposing background to much of the course.

The horses and riders featured are:

Start box no. 202 Cameron Beer and The Ruby Knight
Fence 1 no. 205 Victoria Leadbeater and Dolces E
Fence 1 no. 207 Kat Raybould and Kahawa
Fence 1 no. 229 Vicky Tuffs and Dargun
Fences 1 and 2 no. 209 Janou Bleekman and DASJ 
Fence 2 no. 253 Niall Fergusson and Look Lively 
Fence 3 no. 204 Margaret Best and Bodieve Ballyclare
Fence 4 no. 217 Emma Richardson and Dalton P
Fence 4 no. 251 Rosie Thomas and Million Dollar Design
Fence 5 no. 213 Rosie Philips and Zazou Sow
Fence 5 no. 254 Jennie Scriven and Don't Tell Sue
Fence 5 no. 255 Caitlin Horsnett-Bowley and Moonbeg Boy
Fence 5 no.270 Rosie Warner and Cult Legend
Fence 6 no. 220 Leah Petroy and Forest Debate (featured above in front of the castle)
Fence 6 no. 257 Dani Evans and Dyablo
Fence 6 no. 303 Christine Hardinge and Pink Diamond II
Between Fences 6 and 7 Roxi Foster and Dalsaans Hasty Prince
Fence 7 no. 212 Claire Whickman and Pencos Top Gun
Fence 7 no. 310 Caroline Dyer and Fernhill Bright Echo
Fence 7 no. 352 Tamsyn M Hutchins and Typical Star
Fence 8 no. 221 Sophie Hawke and Mythical Lark
Fences 8 and 9 no. 223 Alexander Whewall and Terrestrial Queen
Fences 8 and 9 no. 301 Gireg Le Coz and Majot Blizzard
Fence 9 no. Sammi Mcleod? and Nimrod II
Fences 9, 10, 11 and 12 no. 312 Rosie Thomas and Cruz V
Fence 10 no. 306 Janou Bleekman and Caliari King
Fences 10, 11 and 12 no. 312 Nicole Jack and Red Harry
Fences 11 and 12 no. 259 Claire Matheson and Master Time
Fences 11 and 12 no. 273 Nicholas Webb and Archfield Romeo
Fence 13 no. 315 Dani Evans and Zagazig II
Fences 13 and 14abc no. 215 Imogen Mercer and Gurtera Cher
Fences 13 and 14abc no. 313 Libby Seed and Glenard Lightning
Fences 13 and 14abc no. 359 Lynda King and Chiron II 
Fences 13, 14 and 15 no. 262 Kathryn Harris and B Tambourine Man
Fences 13, 14 and 15 no. 314 Becky Hartley and Diamond Spectical
Fence 15 no. 263 Michelle Matthews and Primar
Fence 15 no. 358 Christine Hardinge and Crown Meteorite
Fence 16 no. 265 Tara Yate and Sannanvalley Comic
Fence 16 no. 323 Richard Waygood and Prospector Joe
Fence 16 no. 356 Thomas Hawke and Irish Jester
Fence 16 no. 361 Katherine Riley and BB
Fences 16 to 19 no. 201 (Badminton winner) Sam Griffiths and Mornington
Fences 16 to 19 no. 224 Rosemary Neave and Delagoa Bay
Fences 16 to 19 no. 316 Martha Thomas and Hercules Morse
Fences 16 to 19 no. 318 Josh Haynes and Boxing Blue
Fence 17 no. 218 Sammi Mcleod and Kinorla
Fences 17, 18 and 19 no. 231 Hayley Matthews and Fuegos Star
Fences 17, 18 and 19 no. 353 Amy Barlow and Wycaro
Fences 18 and 19 no. 258 Ellie Halsey and Foxcourt Aspire
Fence 19 no. 225 Jayne Wilson and Bottoms Up III
Fence 19 no. 260 Daan AJ Zijlmans and Flaxley Pastime
Fence 19 no. 362 Jo Rimmer and Jumblue

I also videoed one round of Show Jumping