Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Badminton Horse Trials; BE90 Grassroots Cross Country

Lovely day out at Badminton yesterday with Harvey primarily to catch the BE90 Grassroots Cross Country action but also to have a little look at the main course.

Write Your Name in History? The final Grassroots Fences
The BE90 course seemed well up to height and fence 8, the coffin, certainly seemed to be most influential. I was also impressed with the long galloping stretches which meant if you did have a fit and competent horse it must have given a great ride.

The view the riders get as they ride towards the house and the lake must have been awe-inspiring!

I was surprised by how busy it was. If you look at the flags you'll see it was very windy; it made it difficult to keep the camera still at times. Oh and Harvey had the occasional bump against the monopod which produced the occasional wiggle!

I hope you'll enjoy the video and keep watching my Eventing Cinema entry.

Now for the main event!

Windswept Fence 4 on the Main Course