Monday, 28 October 2013

Shine on You Crazy Diamond(s)

Shine on You Crazy Diamond is my self indulgent collection of slow motion action from the seven major equestrian events I've attended this year at Hartpury, Badminton, Stoneleigh, Broadway, Blenheim and Gatcombe.

This is very much for me; I like Andrew and Avebury "flowing across the ground at Badminton", the perfect light on the horse at Broadway, the smile on the girl's face when she knows she is going to jump the dragon at Blenheim, the horse looking at the flowers on the corner at Gatcombe, the bravery of the eventers and the grace of the dressage riders.

I like: Charlotte's boots, the lady who almost can't watch Spencer, Rachel videoing on the iPad, the skill and determination of the Para riders, the eventer who seems to be looking at me at Badminton although I think she is looking to the next fence and I love Laura and Teddy and Matt and Donald.

I like Jen Goodman recognising Harvey at Stoneleigh and describing him as "The dog in MY video"!; I like the Dutch rider reaching the top of the Beaufort staircase and telling her horse "Good boy, you're the best!"

I like the fact that nobody has ever told me to "F*ck off! with that camera". You are all Diamonds to me; enjoy my tribute to your efforts in 2013.