Monday, 28 October 2013

Eventing Cinema: no hard feelings

So the competition is all over and I have to accept the judges decision is final. As the winning entry was so much better than mine then I can't feel disappointed, although I'm a little disappointed that there were so few finalists and that the judges didn't give me any feedback.
Here is a link to the winning entry:-

Looking back I'm not displeased with my entry. I think the theme of "horses and riders coming home safe and sound" was particularly valid and I thought I made good use of the ambient sound and announcements. I've developed my skills with respect to matching sound to the slow motion action. The new Sony camera produced superb vision and sound and I will continue to zoom in on horse and rider as much as possible.

Since the result was announced I've recut the video with a few changes that had been annoying me since I launched the competition entry. Most noticeably William Fox-Pitt doesn't jump the same fence twice, we see more of Stefano Fioravanti's jump and I've switched back to Lucinda Fredericks for the final jump so that I can use the soundtrack. I also used a different piece of video for the dressage section.