Monday, 16 January 2012

Oh, Mother in Law!

We had the pleasure of mother in law’s company at Christmas. And when she wasn’t being violently sick due to an over indulgence in the Quality Street tin or planning her nightly ascent of Mount Staircase I offered to show her some of the latest Harveywetdog videos.
We started her with a couple of dressage videos and then moved on to “That Face” staring HWD ably abetted by Barbra Streisand. Clearly confused, M-I-L asked “Does Barbra Streisand do Dressage then?” adding, once I'd informed her "probably not", “well she’s not much of a singer either!”
Realising by now she had had enough I turned on The Chronicles of Narnia. Now I know she isn’t used to 300 channels, a TV that can take input from HDD, DVD, IPOD and HD video player, but upon seeing the cast of thousands sweeping into battle across the plains of New Zealand she asked “And did you make this video as well?”.
Even at 95 they can still take the piss!