Monday, 19 February 2018

The Ancient Ash Logo

I wanted to develop a new brand name for my videos shot on the Sony NX80 and as we'd recently been informed we were the proud "owners" of an ancient Ash tree thought that Ancient Ash had a reasonably enigmatic sound to it and decided to go with that - this is how I produced the logo though phone, iPad and PC.

Magical Ancient Ash
Image ©AncientAsh
First of all the tree always has had a magical quality and I've photographed it numerous times over the years.

Starting Point
Photo ©AncientAsh

I started with a basic early February morning shot of the tree on my iPhone.

Initial iPad conversion using My Sketch
Image ©AncientAsh

The iPad App My Sketch was used to create a basic black and white image. Nowadays I find My Sketch only works on my iPad and not on the iPhone.

Snapseed filters applied
Image ©AncientAsh

Then I darkened the image up using the Snapseed App. This is my number 1 go to App for fiddling with Photos and it works well on both iPhone and iPad but in this case I used the iPad.

Negative Image via Negative Me
Image ©AncientAsh 
I then created the negative using the Negative Me App. I think I might have had to pay for this. There was a good choice of Negative creating Apps but this one had an iPad version. Interesting how the "clouds" created by My Sketch are beginning to develop - there are no clouds over the tree in the original.

More Snapseed filters applied
Image ©AncientAsh

Because I knew I wanted to use the logo on a black background with Premiere Pro it was back through Snapseed to darken it up.

Final Version
Image ©AncientAsh

And finally I used Adobe Photo Shop Editor on the PC as it had the best ancient looking text.


As always I must clarify that I have not received any payment or other consideration from the products mentioned in this blog, neither do I specifically recommend them. I can only say that in my application they worked for me.