Thursday, 31 August 2017

Excellent Cross Section of Candidates for BE Director's Post

Here is the Harveywetdog form guide for the forthcoming BE Director Election. We have to make a difficult choice between five excellent candidates so what's going to swing it for you?

Setting the course for the future of the sport?
Photo ©Harveywetdog

Holly Bishop

Holly certainly knows how to turn out a well honed marketing buzz phrase and anyone who describes themselves as a passionate leader should make you sit up and read more. Her claim to build unrivalled client relationships is unverified but her achievements look impressive on paper. Already has a lot of competitor support and should appeal strongly to the younger voter.

Definitely one to watch once the going gets tough.

Peter Cattell

The only male in the quintet Peter has launched a powerful campaign for change with a strong presence on Social Media. His promotional video was well produced although I was put off by the strap lines coming in from the side. His message seems to be based around greater participation and accessibility by getting more money into the sport and while we aren't told how this will be achieved we can be assured it will involve a lot of energy.

A strong contender with the time to do a good job.

Alexandra Fox

As the incumbent in this election Alexandra should do well with the "steady as she goes/don't rock the boat" voter. Alexandra's prospectus reads a little bit "been there, tried that, it doesn't work" and while this won't appeal to everybody Alexandra will do well if her experience and recognition of the need for compromise and Member consultation gets through to the voters.

Can't be ruled out if incumbency advantage is going to be a deciding factor.

Karen Gray

Impressive record from Eventing Ireland which she now wants to bring to bear in British Eventing. I admire the way she seems to have sorted out the Irish IT system over a couple of winters so makepositive beware! There's a lot to like in Karen's prospectus although I thought she threw it away a little in the final paragraph by appearing to undersell what she had to offer.

Harveywetdog's one to watch and a person I'm sure we will hear a lot more from in the future.

Jane Peters

Another runner with an impressive record this time in the management of the Pony teams where I am told she has clearly demonstrated she's not afraid to challenge. Trying a no nonsense, slightly understated, "my record speaks for itself" message which should appeal to many.

Has to be in with a good shout in the final shake up.

In summary five excellent candidates and while admittedly an eclectic mix there is something for everyone so there are no excuses for not voting!


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