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Harveywetdogs 20 days of Christmas 2016

Another chance to relive Harveywetdog's 20 days of Christmas all in one place. The 20 days of Christmas first appeared as Facebook posts in the run up to Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017.

First Day of Christmas

First day of Christmas 🎄 and the internet is playing up! Another black day no doubt!! Off for Christmas Dinner at The Farmers Arms, hopefully I'll be able to get to the end of the work year without incident!!!

The homestead
 Second Day of Christmas

Christmas Day 2 has been field clearing and now it's Strictly!

Clearing the field
Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas we are off to Hartpury with Vincent. And as I said to Suzie the last horse I videoed in the Hartpury Arena was Valegro - no pressure!

Suzie and Vincent at Hartpury

Team Vincent at Hartpury

Tough act to follow? Valegro at Hartpury!
Fourth Day of Christmas
Fourth day of Christmas and my body has decided I need to have a pre-Christmas cold. Not reached man-flu proportions yet but most of today has been about editing a special little video. Better go and get some Christmas presents tomorrow before frantic Friday and suicidal Saturday.


Fifth Day of Christmas

Fifth day of Christmas and all presents have been bought and wrapped 🎁 🎁 still sneezing 🤧 and snotting but hopefully I'll be over it soon. Parking in centre of Gloucester atrocious but luckily it was a nice day for a walk.

#beeroclock Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay
with medicinal Old Pulteney
Sixth Day of Christmas

Sixth Day of Christmas and it's dawn on the shortest day of 2016.

Seventh Day of Christmas

Seventh day of Christmas and I think I'm getting over the traditional pre-Christmas cold with a mixture of cough mixture, paracetamol and alcohol. Sorted out my top 30 all time greatest videos this morning and had a great big bonfire this afternoon. Today is also Harvey memorial day so watched his "on the beach" video.



Eighth Day of Christmas

Eighth day of Christmas 🎄 was very quiet although I did get out to deliver some cards. Completed my run down of the top 30 Harveywetdog videos of all time and continued to tidy up my Twitter account. It looks like it's a wonderful life will be knocked out of the #wcocf by Diehard #ffs.

Ninth Day of Christmas

Ninth day of Christmas finished with a Bulley night out at Woodgreen Farm. Lovely time so thank you Lisa and Andrew. All set for Christmas 🎄 Day.

twas the night before Christmas

Dawn log leap
Tenth Day of Christmas

Tenth day of Christmas was Christmas Day. TV 📺 Highlight for me was The Nutcracker and Dr Who. Best forget about the stolen stuffing incident.

Waiting for Father Christmas

Trying to get over eating all the stuffing

Presented out!

Always ready for a run
Eleventh Day of Christmas

Coming to the end of the eleventh day of Christmas which was Boxing Day. Cold and bright just how Christmas weather should be. Taken it easy with the TV highlights being Thistlecrack 's emphatic win at Kempton and a double dose of West Side Story . Marvellous!! Oh and West Ham won which is always nice.

Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas 🎄 the weather turned a bit colder I tidied up the remnants of the bonfire 🔥 and Vin had a visit from the vet. Reducing my number of Facebook friends and writing my Harveywetdog review of 2016. But there was still time to play with the new ball. 

Thirteenth Day of Christmas

The thirteenth day of Christmas was even colder but gave the chance for some super photographs with Grace this morning. Harrowed the arena and rolled it flat. Managed to get Facebook Friends down below 300 by rooting out anyone who hasn't accepted the invite to like my Harveywetdog page. It's a tedious process but I should be able to get below 200 eventually this way.

Fourteenth Day of Christmas

Fourteenth day of Christmas brought a trip to the shops to get some memory from PC World to back up this year's files and create some space on the PC. Also tried to get a hose for the Tractor from Halfords but horrified to find they don't stock stuff like that anymore! Didn't expect them to have the exact part but thought I'd be able to get something like it. But the bottom line is I was able to get what I needed on line from Malpas. Commissioned memory extension this afternoon and reduced Facebook friends down to about 220. Another beautiful bright day so took the opportunity to recreate the cover picture with #gracegsp. Another week and I'll be back at work.

Fifteenth Day of Christmas

Fifteenth day of Christmas has been all about tidying out my shed and putting some new shelves up in the hope that when I want something I'll be able to find it! Little hope really knackered now. Had a nice trip to B&Q as well.

Sixteenth Day of Christmas

Sixteenth day of Christmas 🎄 was New Years Eve. Surprising what you find in your shed after 40 years of collecting junk because it will "come in useful one day"! Bottle of sparkling ✨ to celebrate and then relatively early night after watching a very funny 😂 episode of "One foot in the grave" with Victor Meldrew in bed with Tim Brooke Taylor. 2017 here we are! Where will you take us?

Seventeenth Day of Christmas

Seventeenth day of Christmas 🎄 New Years Day dull rainy and dreary so stayed in and completed my Harveywetdog Review of 2016. #GraceGSP helped obviously.

Harveywetdog Review of 2016

Eighteenth Day of Christmas

18th day of Christmas. Today's job trying to sort out the vegetable plot. Much better day for a run round the field for #gracegsp

Nineteenth Day of Christmas

Nineteenth and penultimate day of Christmas 🎄. Finished the vegetable plot which is now ready for the veggies. Shame it is the middle of winter! Computer 💻 ready for the eventing season and so am I. Grace is keeping me fit with endless running around the field.

Great memories of 2016
Twentieth Day of Christmas

That's it the 20th and final day of the Christmas hols, decorations down, lights out of the trees and all ready for work tomorrow. Trip to B&Q and slipped in a cheeky Costa.

Final Beer oclock

Final run

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