Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Top 30 Harveywetdog Videos of all time

For Christmas 2016 I ran a countdown of my top 30 videos of all time. No surprises at number 1 we had Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro's stunning freestyle performance at Hartpury in July 2016.

Here is the rest of the list as of 21st December 2016.

With Charlotte and Valegro taking the top spot I remixed a new version of their Hartpury Freestyle video to improve the sound quality.

Number 1 Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro at Hartpury 

My main aim with the original video was to have it on line the same day as the competition took place. I remember leaving it uploading when I went to bed at about 2:00AM and hey presto it was there to go viral the next day. Having said that I was never really happy with the sound quality so I've taken the opportunity to digitally remaster the sound track with the Tom Hunt Rio theme and also add on some highlights from the prize giving. (The full prize giving is available on Harveywetdog Facebook). The prize giving contains the amazing shot of Valegro talking to himself on the British Dressage poster, I shot I didn't realise I had until I came to edit the video later. Obviously you have to have some luck in this job and I did that night. It was such a privelige to be there I can't thank Hartpury and Rachael Morley enough for permission to video the evening's competition. That's certainly a gold wrist band to treasure!

Number 2 The Ghost of Tom Joad

I produced the Tom Joad video in 2011 and it took a couple of months to research all the photographs and produce the video using Windows Moviemaker. I spent a lot of time making the photographs suitable for widescreen. I also remember having to play the DVD player through the computer to extract the movie soundtrack and obtain the Henry Ford "Tom Joad" quotes. I made a decision to make the video timeless ie not reference any of the issues of the day in 2011. In my original sleevenotes I expressed optimism for the future as I saw Tom Joad as a story of rebirth and optimism. That's a message relevant to all our tomorrows no matter how bleak the present may appear.

Number 3 Badminton Horse Trials 2014 Cross Country

This is typical of my early eventing work, videoed as a spectator and edited and uploaded the same evening to catch the international views from around the world. It was the success of these videos that led to the Badminton organisers banning me from uploading any further video from the International Course at Badminton.

Number 4 Was that loose dog at Gatcombe in 2016

Everybody should appreciate by now that my objective is to achieve 1 million views for the channel organically and without sensationalism. Possibly if this incident hadn't worked out as well as it did I wouldn't have been able to use it but in the end I decided that the educational benefit of seeing what a moments carelessness can lead to outweighed any negative feedback I might receive.

Ironically I had always felt I needed to work hard to achieve my 1M views target and worried that a "Fenton" moment might smash the target in one hit!

Number 5 Badminton Horse Trials 2013 Cross Country

A year earlier than number 3, again edited and uploaded the same day and the two things I love about this video are the Brave soundtrack (which I'd heard a few weeks earlier and thought I had to use) and the Avebury sequence - pure eventing magic.

Numbers 6 to 29

You can find the remaining videos on the Harveywetdog YouTube channel. They are:

Number 6 Carl Hester and Fine Time 13 at Stoneleigh in 2013

Number 7 Land Rover Burghley Cross Country 2014

Number 8 Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro GP at Hartpury in 2016

Number 9 Badminton BE90 Grassroots Championship Cross Country from 2014

Number 10  Charlotte Dujardin and Uthopia at Hartpury in 2014

Number 11 Hartpury CIC 3 Star Cross Country 2014

Number 12 Blenheim Palace CCI  3 Star Cross Country 2014

Number 13 Charlotte Dujardin and Barolo PSG at Stoneleigh in 2014

Number 14 Charlotte Dujardin and Florentina VI at Stoneleigh in 2016

Number 15 Carl Hester and Dances With Wolves at Stoneleigh in 2012

Number 16 Hartpury International Horse Trials Eventing Cinema 2013

Number 17 Gatcombe Festival of Eventing Cross Country 2013

Number 18 Charlotte Dujardin and Mount St John Freestyle at Hartpury in 2016

Number 19 Carl Hester and Nip Tuck at Hartpury in 2014

Number 20 Carl Hester and Nip Tuck at Hartpury in 2014

Number 21 Michael Eilberg and Woodlander Farouche in 2014

Number 22 Laura Tomlinson at Stoneleigh in 2013

Number 23 Harry Meade at Hartpury with the ice-cream incident

Number 24 Gatcombe Eventing Cinema Winning Entry from 2014

Number 25 Land Rover Burghley Cross Country 2016

Number 26 Carl Hester and Nip Tuck Grand Prix at Hartpury in 2016

Number 27 NEW ENTRY The Valegro Unchained Tribute

Number 28 Gatcombe Festival of Eventing Open Cross Country 2015

Number 29 Blenheim CCI 3 Star Cross Country 2015