Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chatsworth International Horse Trials

I first visited Chatsworth Horse Trials in 2015. On that first visit I learned that Chatsworth can be a difficult place to get in and out of if you get the timing wrong and that the Bower Water Complex has to be one of the most photogenic locations in Eventing. After the Bower the course climbs the side of the Derbyshire Valley Chatsworth is situated in and I'd found it felt pushed out the way to make room for the razzmatazz of the Country Fair that accompanies the Event.

So what was my experience of 2016? Well I arrived earlier and beat the queue in (apart from the bizarre experience of having to go through the pay lanes despite have a press pass). When I attend an event I'm looking to create five videos as a minimum as this will fill the full page when the playlist appears on YouTube. As I was expecting to get plenty of cross country action with a full day of 3 Star and Advanced Competition (with ERM sandwiched in between) I didn't spend too long at the show jumping but was able to video Gemma Tattersall and William Fox-Pitt's rounds.

As it transpired that was a mistake. I was made aware that I would not be able to broadcast the ERM cross country which meant I headed home after the two 3 Star sections rather than wait for ERM to finish and then video the Advanced. This had the benefit of missing the rush but did mean I've ended up with only four videos from the day.

Here is a selection of videos from Chatsworth International Horse Trials in May 2016.

Broken Tack

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