Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sunday at Gatcombe Horse Trials

Wow! Seven hours on course on Sunday and what a glorious day's competition we had. Here's a quick run through the videos I've made available so far with much more to follow once I've completed Hartpury.

Programme seller in his BE Coat

Here is my final Eventing Cinema entry:

After another excellent cup of coffee from Land Rover hospitality I used the vantage point next to the coffee spot to record Ruth Edge and Charlie Pickman.

Once again I was able to make good use of You Tube Capture and some excellent 3G on the Gatcombe Estate to upload a short of Tim Price and Bango.

Couldn't help laughing at this crap product placement. Fancy parking a Mitsubishi in front of Land Rover advertising hoarding!

Crap Product Placement!
This video feature Louise Harwood and Whitson who came third

This video features Andrew Nicholson and Francis Whittington who came first and second respectively. Take a look at their lines and wonder if that's what made the difference?

And finally a tranquil moment at the Lake on Sunday

Tranquillity base?