Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Righting the Sheep Shed - a GOOD Job!

As a man, I feel the main ingredient behind a GOOD project is being able to make use of all your “toys”. So when our aging field shelter, now designated a sheep shed, blew over in the high winds of 2013 I decided it was time for drastic action and set about reducing it in size before righting it and returning the shed to sheep protection duties.

Keeping a safe distance!

The reason behind wanting to reduce the size was the difficulty I was having towing the shed. A number of the ground members were corroded, as you’ll see in the video, and were likely to break when put under strain.

The task was made possible by the fact that I was just able to lift one side of the shed with the loader on the tractor. In one section of the video you’ll see me constantly adjusting the side and trying to get it to line up with the rest of the shed. This was definitely a watch those fingers exercise, made more difficult on the day it was windy and by the distortions the steelwork has suffered meaning my fixing holes never quite lined up!

In the end the shed was repaired and put back onto its runners. I’ve added a second strengthening bar to the one you’ll see in the video so I can drag it around the field. And yes, the sheep are using it again.
The music is by Solas although you’ll hear ABBA playing in the car at one point. Sections of the video are speeded up to create a time lapse effect and it was this activity that made me seek out the time lapse intervalometer. Oh and the little noise you hear as the car pulls away isn’t flatulence; it’s simply the Discovery air con kicking into action. (Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).
As well as the Discovery and the tractor I was able to use the loader, the trailer and my generator and two different drills. In fact I bought myself a new drill afterwards.
As I indicated, this was a GOOD project! 

Back on its feet but half the size.