Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The 20 days of Christmas 2012

The Twenty Days of Christmas 2012

Brought together into one spot, these are my Facebook entries for the Twenty days leave I took for Christmas 2012. What a wet one!


The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas it was wet and windy! So no riding but boys had chance for a buck and a fart in their paddocks. Off to the Gloucester Old Spot for Christmas dinner with EDF Energy.

 The Second Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas it was still wet! Hopefully it will clear up later so I can ride Jazz. Time to start liquidating those Christmas jobs!

 The Third Day of Christmas 

Harvey resting

On the third day of Christmas and it's not actually raining at the moment. Off to Abbey Dressage with Jazz today. Harvey is resting preparing for the rigours of the day!




The Fourth Day of Christmas 

The fourth day of Christmas and it's still raining. Luckily Jazz and I were able to compete in the dry yesterday. We scored 62.92% and finished fourth which I was pleased with. Off to work today for a couple meetings I couldn't avoid. One of which is at 08:00!


The Fifth Day of Christmas 

On the fifth day of Christmas and we're promised sunshine! Hopefully I'll ride Jazz and get the roof on the shed finished.


The Sixth Day of Christmas 

On the sixth day of Christmas and a miserable day here at Hillside House. And that's before mother-in-law's broomstick lands! Managed to ride Jazz in the rain. Bit spooky but sat through it. Even let him have an exercise sheet. Working on rhythm and not looking down and relaxing. Now shall I go Christmas shopping or shall I tidy up the shed in the rain............?


The Seventh Day of Christmas

The golden nail?

On the seventh day of Christmas and the ground is well and truly saturated! If it rains tonight the lane will definitely be flooded. However today saw the completion of three important projects, my RDA video, the shed roof and my Christmas shopping. I've uploaded a couple of photos of the new shed roof.



The Eighth Day of Christmas


On the eighth day of Christmas and it's not rainy but it's foggy! Shortest day today so summer is just around the corner. Busy copying DVDs for the RDA. Lesson at AMD this afternoon with Jazz.

The Ninth Day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas and it's Harvey's 10th Birthday! Raining again. Off to Derby to see mum and hopefully call in on Bethanne Meese and Arron. So pleased I got the DVD's finished last night.

The Tenth Day of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas and it promises not to be so wet today. Great day out in Derby yesterday meeting up with Malcolm and co. Mum not so great but well looked after. Very wet driving conditions.

When I got home I found a letter from British Dressage telling me that The Jazz Singer and I had qualified for the Bailey's Freestyle Novice Restricted Regional Championship so that will be a trip out in February! Better get practising!?

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas and it's raining again! Managed 2 lots of muck yesterday without getting the tractor stuck. Also completed the sides of the shed so that is finished; just needs a good sort out. Debbie Powell came and picked up the DVDs so I hope they like them. And we've got the tree up in time for Christmas Eve!


The Twelfth Day of Christmas (Christmas Day!) 

Vinnie's Christmas Card

On the Twelfth day of Christmas and he's arrived! Vincent that is. The only downer on the day is Beryl is coming :-( Merry Christmas everyone and don't eat too much!?

The Christmas Cardigan

The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

Santa overdid the Nivea?
On the Thirteenth day of Christmas and it's an early ride to beat the rain. Mother-in-Law's visit went off without incident yesterday (and the air should clear in the downstairs cloakroom in a few days!). Thanks for all the good wishes and presents.


The Fourteenth Day of Christmas

On the fourteenth day of Christmas and it's p1ssing it down again. Is the the wettest Christmas ever? Should get a ride in before Diane arrives this afternoon. Enjoyed watching the Royle family and the horse racing.


The Fifteenth Day of Christmas


On the fifteenth day of Christmas and what a strange day it's been. It started with the rat poison; I found some neat piles of poison on top of the hay this morning. Either we've got some very careful and cunning rats or I put it there and then forgot! Then I went over for a lesson at AMD and Jazz had a couple of exciting moments which thankfully I sat through. I hope he behaves better tomorrow.

The Sixteenth Day of Christmas

On the sixteenth day of Christmas and it's competition day! Jazz is raring to go after yesterday's lesson but will we get to Hartpury through the floods?


The Seventeenth Day of Christmas


On the seventeenth day of Christmas and time to start focusing on the jobs that have to be done before the return to work. I've just found out iTunes are running the 12 days of Christmas again so time to grab those free gifts!

Got to admit I'm a bit disapointed with my performance today; possibly I tired out him too much yesterday or possibly we messed up our working in and he switched off. Judith turned him out beautifully.


The Eighteenth Day of Christmas

On the eighteenth day of Christmas and it's time to wish everyone Happy New Year! Gave Jazz a day off today and went over to watch J and The Vinster at AMD. They're coming along very well, I'm really pleased with their progress. It's magic watching Matt and Justine ride their horses as well.

Had a trip into Gloucester and bought myself a very expensive pair of Wellies! Never mind they're needed.


The Nineteenth Day of Christmas

New boots, New Year!
On the nineteenth day of Christmas and what a beautiful new year! Bright sunshine, 2 deg C and no wind or rain!! This will do for the rest of January. Lovely ride on Jazz, now need to tidy up the arena.


The Twentieth Day of Christmas

On the twentieth and final day of Christmas the sun has shone quite so much but the day has been dry and I've managed to open up a bit of drier ground for the sheep. Hopefully muck spreading this weekend.

Been planning my dressage campaign for the next couple of months and transfering the twenty days of Christmas onto Harvey's blog for posteriety.

Hillside House; 1st January 2013